Blerg, Blarg, Bagel. Blog.

Let’s see, I think the last time I had my own blog that I updated on the daily was when I was a sophomore in high school going on about how I was totally in love with some guy and blah blah blah… And now I have tumblr, so that gets updated frequently, but it’s not as personal as I want it to be. Or maybe it’s more personal, not sure. But there are 154 people on there who want to read about my Doctor Who feels and not my life. 

So that’s what this is for, I suppose. And mostly also to talk to Zazu.

Anyway, for the first month I’ll be talking about my novel and how it’s going. Since there’s not too much else going on in my life.


One thought on “Blerg, Blarg, Bagel. Blog.

  1. allybair says:

    “And mostly to talk to Zazu.” You’re the best! Zazu and Starbuck 5ever.

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