It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

But I am still writing like a man-woman, because Chapter 3 is so much longer than Chapters One and Two. 

Turns out, I found my way around the fight scene! (Because my protagonist isn’t in it. Haha! +2 points to being the getaway car driver!) But it also feels like I’m writing in circles and circles and circles, and I just feel like I’m using a lot of the same language. But I am getting it all written. This is my first draft. The time for editing will come later. Until then, my novel needs to be written. This story needs to be told.

Still working on a title. And looking for another word for “zombie” that isn’t… zombie, undead, walker, or anything overly used in modern media. I mean, hell, I made up my own drug names. This shouldn’t be that hard. Ha.


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