Blogging Early Today.

I’m awake, and I have a lot to get done today. So I figured I’d write early so it’s one less thing for me to do.

It’s NaBloPoMo Day 6, I’m not hitting anything groundbreaking here, but it is making sure I upkeep this every day. (woo!) Because if nothing else, I’m sure Zazu will appreciate it.

It’s New Comic Book Day! Which means it’s Wednesday… And I’m going to the comic book store to visit Beloit’s own Comic Book Guy, Dave. Dave is pretty rad. I enjoy our witty banter. AND he knows the composition of Captain America’s Shield… so he’s legit.

I’ve got a Barnes & Nobel gift card burning a hole in my purse, so I might go out and spend that, too. Not sure if I should go with John Green books or more Deadpool comics. Probably both, if I can. Haha.

In other news, when I put my iTunes library on random, it goes from Lady Antebellum to ‘The Popcorn Song’. It’s pretty quality. I’m all burned out of topics, so I’ll write again tomorrow!


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