Vote for my Lyrics? :D

Hey guys! I have been awful at NaBloPoMo… I haven’t even written everyday for NaNoWriMo, but I’m still ahead by about two days, so how about that! 🙂 I’m writing today to tell you about the Thomas Rhett lyric contest, in which I am a finalist.

I know there aren’t a whole ton of you out there who follow me (besides Zazu and a handful of lovely people I’ve never actually met…) But if you would vote for my lyrics in this contest, I will love you forever. 


I don’t know what all is included in an NRA country prize pack…. okay and it’s kind of weird that the NRA is sponsoring this thing, but I want to go to Nashville. I need to tell Thomas Rhett this awesome story, and I’ll share it with you after I explain the contest. So, vote for me first and then, I’ll tell you the funny story about my drunk friend and one of his songs.

Also, my lyrics are this:

On a dark enough night,
you can see the starlight
and clouds look like black holes in space.

Yeah, when it’s dark out here
and the skies are clear,
there’s magic in this place.

So go vote here. Or also click on the lyrics, vote for Lizzie J. 😀 I will love you infinity times five-ever.


Okay, here’s the hilarious story.

Once upon a time, my friend Lindsay was turning 21, so I drove my also newly 21-year-old ass to Platteville to party with her and our friend Danielle. Well, Lindsay got a little waaaayyyy too trashed, and at the last bar we went to, we met up with some of Danielle’s friends. Nice guys, total sweethearts, and a little incredibly gay and atheist. (It’s relevant, I swear.) So, I don’t even remember how we got on the topic, but someone says, “There’s a song that’s like, ‘If I Could Have a Beer with Jesus’.” And I’m just like, “Bullshit.” But it’s real! Apparently! And Lindsay got in an argument, no, a DRUNK argument with a guy over how Jesus woulf totally drink beer. And Jesus would especially drink beer with her. And what kind of beer would he drink? This went on for over an HOUR.
So I need to go to Nashville to meet Thomas Rhett to tell him about Lindsay and her drunken ramblings about Beer with Jesus.


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