Titles and Zombies and Writing, Oh My!

Day 5 of NaNoWriMo is treating me very well, I’ve broken 11k words, and should be two days ahead by the end of the night. In theory.

I’ve decided to go with Draugar for my zombies instead of… y’know… zombies. Which adds to the viking feel of the way one of my characters behaves. (I love Tank so much.)

I’m also starting to feel like someone should take Jay away from me until I’m ready to play nice, because I’m writing his backstory and it makes me really sad. So, hopefully, I’m writing it well enough to make other people feel sad about it, too. Fingers crossed.

But before I get back to writing, I am going to watch the new episode of Supernatural. For inspiration and things.


It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

But I am still writing like a man-woman, because Chapter 3 is so much longer than Chapters One and Two. 

Turns out, I found my way around the fight scene! (Because my protagonist isn’t in it. Haha! +2 points to being the getaway car driver!) But it also feels like I’m writing in circles and circles and circles, and I just feel like I’m using a lot of the same language. But I am getting it all written. This is my first draft. The time for editing will come later. Until then, my novel needs to be written. This story needs to be told.

Still working on a title. And looking for another word for “zombie” that isn’t… zombie, undead, walker, or anything overly used in modern media. I mean, hell, I made up my own drug names. This shouldn’t be that hard. Ha.

Mad Dash

Yesterday I got cocky and wrote well over the 1,667 average and actually hit 5k words!


Needless to say, I’ve been complacent all day and have been kind of struggling to write the next chapter. I know it involves a fight scene and I’m not so good with the fight scenes. I’m like “there were zombies. and they killed the zombies. and now the zombies are dead. all hail the glorious conquerors.”

Anyway. I’m going to keep writing. Goodnight, all. And happy DayLight Savings Time from Wisconsin!

Writing is Hard.



Preach, Chuck.

It’s Day 2, I’m over 5k words into the novel, and I’m still struggling with it. For example, all of my characters have been introduced, but not yet described. Because I don’t want to be like: “OKAY! TIME TO BE DESCRIBED NOW”. 

I feel like I’m making a ton of progress, but I’m writing total crap.

And that being said, I wrote 3,000 words today, and I really want this novel to be awesome. So I’m going to go back to working on that.

NaBloPoMo (and NaNoWriMo) 2013

After a long 23 hours, I have reached (and surpassed!) today’s word count goal! The plan is to crank out a chapter a day, which I know will be difficult as the novel presses on, but it will give me clear breaks in where chapters should be. :3


I feel like I got a good head start this year, because I’ve spent the last month planning things, getting to know my characters, the whole shebang. I kind of also feel like I should have spent more time on developing the plot moreso than the characters, but that’s what this month is also for. For writing what I already know is happening and planning before I get to the gaping holes in the story. I’ll fill them in later.

Biggest problem I have right now is not having a title for my damn novel! 😛

In other news, I will be blogging at least once a day for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.) 30 posts in 30 days. WE CAN DO IT!


Blerg, Blarg, Bagel. Blog.

Let’s see, I think the last time I had my own blog that I updated on the daily was when I was a sophomore in high school going on about how I was totally in love with some guy and blah blah blah… And now I have tumblr, so that gets updated frequently, but it’s not as personal as I want it to be. Or maybe it’s more personal, not sure. But there are 154 people on there who want to read about my Doctor Who feels and not my life. 

So that’s what this is for, I suppose. And mostly also to talk to Zazu.

Anyway, for the first month I’ll be talking about my novel and how it’s going. Since there’s not too much else going on in my life.