Forever Shamed.


I didn’t make the daily word count yesterday. I mean, I was three days ahead so it’s not like it’s that much of a slide back. But I feel like in order to make up for not reaching the 1,667 a day average, I have to write twice as much today. 

If I were the excuse making type (which, believe me… I am,) I would say that it was really really late when I got home last night (read: this morning), and I literally slept until 1:30 in the afternoon. By the time I woke up, I was feeling lazy and not particularly motivated so I watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother and contemplated getting the tattoo I really really really want. (I mean, I’m going to get it. It’s just a matter of when and who I get it done by.)

I’m getting off-topic. 

Anyway, I’m going to keep writing. My sister has been serving as my editor, and even though she doesn’t believe in the color Indigo, and she thinks some of my puns are unforgivable, she likes it. Which leads me to believe that it’s not total crap. ALSO ZAZU, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I WANT TO INCLUDE YOU IN THE GOOGLE DOC SO YOU CAN READ IT AS I GO AND OFFER INSIGHT, BECAUSE WHEN (IF) THIS BOOK BECOMES A MOVIE, I WANT YOU WRITING THE SCREENPLAY. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.


Gaining Momentum!

Are you getting whiplash yet? I know I am!

I go from unmotivated and “Well, it’s 8PM and I wrote 1,700 words today. Time to call it a night.” to “I’ve got 40 minutes to write 600 words and put myself at 20,000 for my total word count! GO! GO! GO!”

In 5,000 words, I will be half-way done. And I think that’s motivating me harder than anything right now. And I finished a chapter that wasn’t moving anything along, so that feels good, too. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love character development. I love it because I love my characters, and I want them to really get to know each other and love each other as much as I love them. But in this next chapter, I’m introducing the antagonists and it’s going to be so much fun, because man, those guys are gonna be ASSHOLES! 😀 

Losing Momentum

I’ve hit the second-week slump of NaNoWriMo. I’m not feeling as fired up to write as I was when I started out, and I don’t know how to get back into the gung-ho feeling I had before this started. (Which means I’m probably not drinking enough caffeine.)

There are still 21 more days for me to write 32,803 words (which is more than doable). I don’t know, though. I really want to get back into the good-feeling of writing, but I’m also kind of stressing out about going back to school next semester and now Dad wants me to find a job on top of that, so I’m a little overwhelmed. On top of all that, I think I got kind of complacent after I wrote my outline. Like, “Yeah! Now I have an outline! This story is going to write itself!”… but it won’t. I still have to write.

Which means I’ve got to keep on writing. And get off Pinterest. And stop favoriting earrings on etsy. I just need to focus. Feel free to yell at me to get my ass back to work. 🙂

Character: Jay Sinclair

Tonight, I’m going to blog about my favorite character from my novel (he’s not even the MC!), Jay Sinclair.

(The guy in the picture is Travis Fimmel, but he’s pretty close to what I want Jay to look like. Like… if you combined him with Bradley James from the BBC’s Merlin. Yeah. That’s Jay.)


Unff! This guy. Amiright? He’s almost too pretty to be in my damn novel. I mean, I broke my “thou shalt not have ridiculously attractive characters” rule because he’s too perfect to not be attractive. I’m moving on now.

And man, I want to tell you everything about him but it would ruin the direction I’m taking the story to blurt out his plot twist. But let me assure you, dear readers, that it is pretty awesome. 

Jay is the southern gentleman in the group, and I’m doing my best to write a readable accent for him. I’m kind of struggling with the extended metaphors that I originally planned for him to use all the time, but the other side of that is that Jay isn’t as vocal as the other members of the group. Soft-spoken leader type. And he’s in love with Cecilia which is another kind of complicated plot thing that I’m still kind of working on. But he’s adorable. I didn’t mean to write him such a tragic backstory, but I did, and now I want to wrap him up in a blanket and give him a cup of hot sweet tea and apologize. But Jay’s tough, and he can handle it.

He grew up bouncing between Tennessee and Texas where he worked on his grandparents’ farm during the school year. He comes from a long line of academia and is a lot smarter than he appears at first. The way the farm works is this: His dad’s side of the family would work on the farm only after they’d finished their schooling (up to a PhD), and before high school the grandkids would learn from whichever grandparent (great-aunts and uncles included in this) was available to teach on the farm. They gained valuable knowledge through school work as well as physical labor.

Jay got sick when he was a senior in high school and went back to being home schooled. For the most part, he was able to attend classes at his parents’ University in Nashville. Even if he missed classes, he was more than able to keep up with the work. 

I’m getting way too close to revealing spoilers, but I feel like this is a good summary of Jay. I love him bunches. And I hope anyone who reads my novel will love him, too.

Titles and Zombies and Writing, Oh My!

Day 5 of NaNoWriMo is treating me very well, I’ve broken 11k words, and should be two days ahead by the end of the night. In theory.

I’ve decided to go with Draugar for my zombies instead of… y’know… zombies. Which adds to the viking feel of the way one of my characters behaves. (I love Tank so much.)

I’m also starting to feel like someone should take Jay away from me until I’m ready to play nice, because I’m writing his backstory and it makes me really sad. So, hopefully, I’m writing it well enough to make other people feel sad about it, too. Fingers crossed.

But before I get back to writing, I am going to watch the new episode of Supernatural. For inspiration and things.

Mad Dash

Yesterday I got cocky and wrote well over the 1,667 average and actually hit 5k words!


Needless to say, I’ve been complacent all day and have been kind of struggling to write the next chapter. I know it involves a fight scene and I’m not so good with the fight scenes. I’m like “there were zombies. and they killed the zombies. and now the zombies are dead. all hail the glorious conquerors.”

Anyway. I’m going to keep writing. Goodnight, all. And happy DayLight Savings Time from Wisconsin!

Writing is Hard.



Preach, Chuck.

It’s Day 2, I’m over 5k words into the novel, and I’m still struggling with it. For example, all of my characters have been introduced, but not yet described. Because I don’t want to be like: “OKAY! TIME TO BE DESCRIBED NOW”. 

I feel like I’m making a ton of progress, but I’m writing total crap.

And that being said, I wrote 3,000 words today, and I really want this novel to be awesome. So I’m going to go back to working on that.